fuck yeah Mary Timony

Mary Timony - 9x3


Mary Timony - 9x3 - Live at Schubas 05/23/2005

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Rolling Stone - Issue 1206 - April 10, 2014


Ex Hex “Hot and Cold” at Waterloo Records SXSW 2014

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Some of you may have notice that I work recently for Ex Hex, see here the 7” for Merge Records. Huge thanks to Mary Timony for this & thanks to Jonah Takagi for the pictures ! And to all of you for the support! I did also a tote bag & a t-shirt, check them on the SightUnseen article just below.

Also check this really nice article about my work for Ex Hex, inspiration, next work,… for SightUnseen!

Thanks Monica for the article!


soz bout low quality pics — was too busy dancing to worry about it

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Ex Hex at Boot & Saddle

Pure awesome badassery.

More at The Finest.

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